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How To Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 Using UltraSn0w 1.0-1 (Baseband 01.59.00)


iPhone 4 unlock is out in the market now which is possible through UltraSn0w 1.0-1. Here I am going to describe how to unlock iPhone 4 by using UltraSn0w on iOS 4.0.1/4.0 baseband 01.59.00.

Before we start, remember your iPhone 4 must be jailbroken. We have already described on our blog the process to jailbreak iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe. UltraSn0w can unlock iPhone 4 baseband 01.59.00.

Disclaimer: All the process we are going to explain here is for your information and education. We do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong for you.

We all know that unlocking is LEGAL now.

Let’s start the process of unlocking iPhone 4 with UltraSn0w 1.0-1, unlock on baseband 01.59.00.

How to Unlock iPhone 4 with UltraSn0w

T-Mobile USA users need to disable 3G network first which they can do by going to Settings >General >Network and turn the “Enable 3G” switch to OFF.

Supposing that your iPhone 4 is previously jailbroken:

  • Open the Cydia.
  • Go to manage Tab at bottom.
  • Click on the Sources button.

  • Click on the Edit button on Top-Right
  • Then click on the Add button on Top-Left
  • At last enter the following URL: http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com and click on the Add Source button.

  • Once the Source is added to the Cydia, click on the link return to Cydia button at bottom of the screen and then click on the Done button.
  • Go to Search tab and search for ultrasn0w and install it.

After the installation of UltraSn0w will be completed, iPhone 4 is unlocked on baseband 01.59.00. The user needs to reboot the iPhone 4 after completion.

Congratulations. Your iPhone 4 has been unlocked using baseband 01.59.00. You now are free to use SIM of any mobile service provider.

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